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Best Skin Care Clinic and Fitness Center in Udaipur

Carrying the trust and credibility of the Arth group, Arth Skin and Fitness has been conceived as a unique and differentiated company with extraordinary strategic competence. We provide services in the field of fitness and aesthetics by a panel of expert doctors, physiotherapists, and trained professionals.


Arth Skin and Fitness is proud to get associated and work with the world’s top aesthetic laser company – Alma lasers. We are committed to serving society with the power of science using the latest scientific advancements and expertise of experts in the field of aesthetics and fitness.


Our facilities are committed to providing you with effective solutions for the health of your body and skin. Now attain spotless skin and a toned body with the best gym and skin care clinic in Udaipur.

About Dr. Arvinder Singh

Touching new heights, Dr. Arvinder has again made us proud with his continuous efforts of providing society with the best services. A feather in his cap, Dr. Arvinder successfully completed the training in dermatology from Canada. By completing the course of Cosmetic Dermatology, Dr. Arvinder has successfully become a member of the prestigious Canadian board of Aesthetic medicine. As a result of hard work and dedication to serving society, Dr. Arvinder now stands as the best cosmetologist in Udaipur.

Best Skin Care Treatments In Udaipur

Now find a complete solution for any skin imperfection. The best skin laser treatment in Udaipur is now available at Arth Skin And Fitness including permanent body hair removal, wrinkles removal, body contouring, pigmentation and melasma removal or any skin condition. Establishing the first center of Excellence in Rajasthan in association with ALMA, Dr, Arvinder has made sure that no one now takes expensive visits to metro cities for any skin treatment but gets the most medically supervised and safe laser skin treatments in Udaipur.

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Focus on the Cosmetics Appearance. No needle, No Surgery, No medicine. You can find all the best beauty and skin treatments here.


Stop and reverse the aging process. Remove the presence of wrinkles, saggy skin, fine lines, and frown lines from your skin permanently with the help of the best skin treatment services.


Get your body in perfect shape with the help of the best fitness center in Udaipur. This place is for everyone. Great ambience and guaranteed results.

All-in-One: Best Fitness Center and Scientific Solutions for Skin

  • Now you don’t need to visit different places for your skin care, beauty and fitness needs because Arth skin and Fitness has brought a unique concept into the market that allows skincare and fitness management possible in just one place with assured quality service and effective results.
  • We believe in providing guaranteed results in the committed days and “Changing the way of life”.
  • Arth fitness center is the best gym in Udaipur because of its world-class facilities and the latest gym equipment from FITLINE ELITE AND CYBEX. Along with that its great ambiance we are also equipped with a steam room, locker room, and 24*7 availability of trainers and facilities.
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Fitness & Gym centre

  • Having an attractive physique is an important part of our personality as It is the first thing that gets noticed. Our body should be healthy from both outside and inside. We are here to help you achieve your desired fitness goals.
  • Arth Skin and fitness is the best fitness center in Udaipur for weight loss and muscle gain. With the availability of modern fitness equipment, we offer top gym services including:
  • Nutrition advice by health experts
  • Best weight loss or muscle gain workout under the guidance of
    best trainers
  • In-Body analysis to guide you through your workout
  • Physiotherapist for special and medical needs
  • Gym with steam, locker room and great ambience
  • We believe in helping you achieve your body goals by providing you with world class facility and moral encouragement.
  • Arth Skin and Fitness, the best fitness center in Udaipur, is here to provide you with the professional trainers who are available at your service to give you the best private and community health center experience.

Aesthetic and Laser treatments for healthy and beautiful skin

  • Skin is a delicate business. It needs gentle and experienced hands.
  • At Arth skin and fitness, the best skin care clinic in Udaipur, you’re the most important person in the treatment room.  
  • Skin problems like hyperpigmentation, acne and scars, dark spots and blemishes, stretch marks, wrinkles, and dull skin may make you look unattractive and can affect a person’s level of confidence.   
  • For the first time in Rajasthan, we have brought the biggest and best skin care and aesthetic clinic in association with Almathe world’s best aesthetic laser company.
  • All our procedures are done only by skin experts and clinical cosmetologists who utilize the FDA and CE-approved machines of ALMA for curing various skin imperfections.
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Aesthetic and LASER Treatment for healthy skin

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