Bollywood Star Madhurima Tuli Applauds Arth Skin & Fitness for Technological Advancements in Skincare & Wellness

Bollywood Star Madhurima Tuli Applauds Arth Skin & Fitness for Technological Advancements in Skincare & Wellness

In a recent visit to Udaipur for a special event, the acclaimed Bollywood actress Madhurima Tuli, known for her notable roles in films like “Baby” opposite Akshay Kumar and her appearances on reality shows such as Big Boss, made a significant stop at Arth Skin & Fitness. During her visit, she was graciously welcomed by Dr. Arvinder Singh, CEO and CMD of Arth Group, accompanied by Dr. Deepa Singh. Madhurima’s visit shed light on the advanced skincare and fitness services offered by Arth Skin & Fitness in Udaipur.


Madhurima expressed her admiration for the high-quality services provided by Arth Skin & Fitness in Udaipur. She remarked that traditionally, individuals seeking advanced skincare treatments often had to travel to international destinations like London. However, she commended Arth for bringing these cutting-edge services to Udaipur, delivered by a team of skilled and experienced professionals.


During her third visit to Udaipur, Madhurima, who has always been vocal about the city’s natural beauty, added a new dimension to her appreciation. She expressed her newfound admiration for Arth Skin & Fitness, acknowledging their range of advanced services in skincare and fitness. This dual celebration of Udaipur’s aesthetics and Arth’s contribution highlighted the city’s growing stature as a hub for comprehensive wellness.


Madhurima enthusiastically shared her belief that Arth, Skin & Fitness is thriving in Udaipur, suggesting that its success should be replicated elsewhere. She expressed her view that such advanced skincare and fitness services are crucial for every individual and should be made accessible on a broader scale. This sentiment echoed her belief in the importance of personal grooming for everyone.


The actress’s endorsement of Arth’s commitment to quality and her call for expansion emphasized the significance of bringing high-quality healthcare and grooming services to a wider audience.


Arth Group has consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality across various domains, be it diagnostics, LASER skin care, or fitness centers. The group’s unwavering goal has been to provide Udaipur with the best possible treatments, setting a standard for excellence in the healthcare and wellness industry.


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