Hair PRP

Hair Prp

Control Hair Fall And Restore Youth With Udaipur's Best Hair PRP

Dense healthy hair is something that everyone wants. However, due to some reasons like stress, nutrition deficiency, and environmental changes & family history hair fall can become prominent. At Arth skin and fitness, internationally and nationally certified clinical cosmetologists & dermatologists use their expertise to render people with effective hair restoration treatments. Using top Hair PRP in Udaipur we are able to leave our clients with smiling faces and voluminous hair. In the Hair PRP procedure, your blood is taken and processed to extract the healing elements of your blood- platelet-rich plasma. We are equipped with a state-of-the-art cold centrifuge that is used to process the blood.

Then LLLT(low-level laser therapy) mask is used which activates hair follicles rendering you with better results. Our expert doctors then inject that PRP in your scalp very painlessly. This therapy heals the damaged tissues and promotes hair growth. Along with PRP injections we also have nanopore needling / Meso pen technology, through which we create micro channels over the scalp that help a lot in hair growth stimulation & new hair regeneration.

Best Hair PRP Treatment in Udaipur

Arth Skin and Fitness provides Cold Centrifuge Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment which is well researched principle for preservation and harnessing of Growth Factors found in PRP and maximum number of platelet bioavailability.

Arth is India’s first quality certified Centre from Quality Accreditation Institute  and has showcased it’s quality at National Level.

Arth has qualified Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dermato-surgeon and Hair Specialist which take care by providing professional and scientific way for Hair PRP Therapy.