International Fellowship in Face Aesthetics and Cosmetics

International fellowship in Face Aesthetics and Cosmetics

International Fellowship in Face Aesthetics and Cosmetics Dermatology Course

The best skin treatments are now available in Udaipur for the first time. CEO of Arth skin and fitness and Arth diagnostics- Dr. Arvinder Singh excelled and completed the Face Aesthetics training fellowship and Aesthetics and Cosmetics Dermatology Course from Sweden.

Using the magic of face Aesthetics, all your skin imperfections can be removed. The best way to non surgically remove wrinkles, blemishes and pigmentation are now available in Udaipur.

Not just that, the top technology can be used to give you the best permanent lips with beautiful colors, skin whitening to make your skin lighter and glowing, facelift, and chiseled jawline- everything best is now available for you!

Therefore, Dr. Arvinder Singh has previously completed world-class training in Germany and New york. Therefore, His continuous dedication has been recognized nationally and internationally making him the life member of the Indian Aesthetic society and the best Aesthetician in Udaipur.

Arth Skin and Fitness- leading center in Udaipur

Dr. Arvinder Singh is the CEO and Doctor of Earth Diagnostics, Skincare, and Fitness Center having a top-notch Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology curriculum. Her mission in life as a physician is to stay on top of new ideas and technologies in the field of medicine and practice to provide state-of-the-art clinical services and treatments to patients across the globe. Therefore, he is committed to practicing quality medicine having years of experience in Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery, Facial Rejuvenation, Enhancement, and Facelift.

In conclusion, it is well known that today’s trends in personal beauty are focused on maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of the individual. Furthermore, when it comes to facial aesthetics, services such as BOTOX injections and hyaluronic acid fillers are incredibly popular because they are safe, effective, and provide immediate visible results without surgery. However, if you are considering getting these treatments, there are other options to explore first. Contact Earth Skin & Fitness and book your appointment now.

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Dr. Arvinder Singh
MBBS, MD (Gold Medalist)
Clinical Cosmetic Dermatologist (Canada)
Trained and Certified by American Association and American
Council (USA) in Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetology.
23 years of experience
Contact: +91 855 985 5945